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Mayra Veronica and Reggie Bush It’s Serious!

Mayra Veronica and Reggie Bush: It’s Serious!


As the weather heats up across the United States, the same can be said for the relationship between Mayra Veronica and Reggie Bush.

Simply put, asource tellsRadar Online “they’re officially dating and it’s getting serious… Their feelings are getting stronger all the time.”

The pair met back in 2006 andTHG actually profiled Veronicathree years ago, long before her and Bush were an item but kept their contact to phone conversations while Reggie was dating Kim Kardashian.

But soon after this couplecalled it quitsin March, the model and the running back started spending a lot of time together.

“Mayra doesn’t just want to be Kim’s replacement, she wants to make sure there is a special place in his heart just for her,” said the insider. "Mayra is ready for the real thing thing. I can see this blossoming into something special.”

So can we. After all, Veronica certainly possesses the traits Bush seems to look for in a companion. Click on the photos below and ask yourself: What do she and Kim have in common?

Mayra Veronica Picture

Mayra Veronica PicMayra Veronica PhotographNew Reggie Bush Girlfriend